RFID Aircraft Wheel Chocks

RFID Tracking Device

RFID Tracking Device

RFID Aircraft Wheel Chock

Never lose your Aircraft Wheel Chocks again with our RFID Tracking System.

Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) are passive tags that can be located on demand via the use of radio frequency electromagnetic fields transmitted from RFID Readers.

The RFID chips are embedded into the aircraft wheel chocks allowing them to be easily identified. These long lasting chips further prevent the aircraft wheel chocks from being misplaced or stolen. The chocks can be identified and located through the RFID Reader.

Rontag Chock Asset Tracking Safety System. Consists of an active 433 MHz RFID Tag that is embedded in the chock and works in conjunction with the Rontag reader or plugs into any system to download data.

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