Wheel Chocks

Ronfell provide a range of chocks for all sizes of aircraft ranging from Cessna to Boeing 747.

We stock Military aircraft chocks of all sizes and specifications.

Wheel Chocks for all types of airport and airfield vehicles ranging from buses to light vehicles, aircraft refuelling bowzers.

Personalised Wheel Chocks Available NOW!

Solid Wheel Chock

Wheel Chocks

We offer a full range of aircraft wheel chocks from the smallest to the largest.

Fire Hose Ramp

Fire Hose Ramps

6 pieces x 2 feet long provide 12 feet of road coverage for up to 3″ firehose.

Plastic Barriers

Traffic Control

Our barrier systems offer a range of widths to meet all containment requirements.

Solid Rubber Wheel Chocks For Aircraft

Ronfell’s wheel chocks will safely chock the tyres of commercial vehicles, aircraft and industrial products. Our chock design satisfies OSHA requirements.

These wheel chocks resist skidding, fuel and hydraulic fluid, salt water and extreme weather.

Can be supplied from stock up to 1 metre long. Lengths longer than 1 metre can be made to order.

Bumper Plates

Dock Bumper Plate

Site Safety

Site Safety

Cable Protector

Cable Protector